Dark spots? Uneven skintone? How To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Uneven skintone

1. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation 

PIH is more problematic for individuals with darker skin color & stems from wound healing to skin tissue, however slight, which results in an increased distribution of melanin. Simply put, melanin is what gives our skin its unique color and what protects our cells from sunlight.

2. Melasma

Better known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’, melasma is a hormonally induced pigmentation. Some scientists say UV exposure seems to be a requirement for melasma to develop, which may account for the fact that it is less noticeable in winter months when UV exposure is lower. The most common places for melasma to appear is on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, nose, and forehead. The condition may persist up to 5 years after pregnancy or stopping of birth control pills.

 3. No Sun Exposure, Period

The best defense is a good offense. Sunlight dramatically darkens pale pools of pigment in as little as a day at the beach. The single most important first step is avoid sun exposure at all costs! Apply a broad spectrum SPF like Elta MD UV Shield SPF 45 Oil-Free, & minimize your exposure by wearing a wide brimmed hat or oversized shades. The added SPF in your skin care products and makeup isn’t enough on its own and should be considered as the “icing on the cake”.

4. Eat Your Way To A Clearer Complexion 

Celebrity aesthetician Anna Logan from the Touch of Faith Aesthetics and Skin Care Spa in L.A recommends staying away from soy & heavy consumption of meat and dairy as they are heavily estrogenic. Opt for antioxidant-rich superfoods like goji berry, mangosteen, carrot, beet, green and white tea extracts. “I have also found Evening Primrose works very well for most women in balancing hormones.  The liver most times needs a good cleaning. I like to recommend drinking Milk Thistle tea for the liver in the evenings for 3 months straight.”

5. Lighten Up

Cleansing with small amounts of enzymes and fruit acids is a great way to lighten hyperpigmentation daily. Try Dermalogica ChromaWhite TRx Tri Active Cleanse or Jan Marini Clean Zyme Papaya Cleanser.

6. The Doc’s Prescription

Bernice Cohen RN, BSN, PHN, a Laser Specialist at AVA MD in Beverly Hills recommends a combination of Hydroquinone, Retinoic Acid and Kojic acid to promote cellular turnover and control melanocyte activity to prevent discoloration from reappearing. “Two of my favorite brands are AVA MD’s HQRA cream and prescription-strength OBAGI’S BLENDER, combined with a good Retinol,” says Cohen.

7. Non-Hydroquinone Alternatives

While hydroquinone is the only ingredient recognized as a skin lightening agent by the US FDA, it can often cause irritation and increased sensitivity to sunlight. Effective alternatives to hydroquinone are products containing Licorice, Lactic Acid (at 5%), Glucosamine and Phytic Acid.  Jan Marini Age Intervention Enlighten Plus features kojic acid, retinol, & licorice root extract, while Miranda Kerr’s brand KORA Organics’ Purifying Day and Night Cream is brimming with antioxidant vitamins as well as licorice extract – and both are hydroquinone free. You can also supercharge your regime by taking one teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of licorice extract for just a week as adrenal exhaustion is often a contributing factor.

 8. Be Meticulous & Patient To See Results

Annet King, Director of Global Education for The International Dermal Institute, says be meticulous about your brightening and exfoliating regimen – and be patient! “Results can take anywhere from 28 to 60 days, as this is how long skin cell renewal takes.” She also recommends getting a professional treatment every 4 to 6 weeks to increase skin luminosity and monitor skin health.

Jet Set Chic: Have Faith Swimgerie designer Jennifer Stano


When it comes to designing glamorous poolside attire for the jet-set clique, model Jennifer Stano has definitely done her homework. When she isn’t taking jaunts to her homes in London, Switzerland and the Greek Isles, Stano returns to Beverly Hills, where she founded Have Faith Swimwear with her husband Alki David in 2010. Before making the move into design, Jennifer began her career as a fitness model and it was her keen eye for what enhances a woman’s best assets that inspired her to create the luxe leisurewear line. “I wanted to create a product that makes a woman look and feel like a goddess no matter the time or place.”

Q: Why did you choose to name your swimwear line ‘Have Faith’? How did the line come about? The line started from my background in fitness. I always trained to be competitive and never let myself get down if I didn’t win. The Have Faith line is about making any woman feel good about herself. She has to have faith in her beauty and feel confident.

Q: You have homes in Beverly Hills, London, Switzerland, and the Greek Isles. Do you find a lot of your design inspiration during your travels? I am greatly influenced by the diverse cultures of the world, and especially the glamorous life and style of poolside elegance. I believe every woman should be a chameleon, fitting in wherever she goes, whether stylish in St. Tropez, bohemian chic in Greece, or the life of the party in Las Vegas.

Q: What are some of your favorite pieces from the summer 2011 collection? I love the all over lace bikinis in coral and blue- the brighter the color, the more tanned your skin will look.

Q: Your popular blog features daily ‘mirror pics’ capturing your outfits – how would you describe your style? Do you work with a stylist? I love the store Intermix. I have a sales girl who knows just what I like, every time I walk in. I like to be youthful, yet classy and chic. My style is very young and fresh.

Q: Prior to designing, you were a professional fitness model – what are your top training and nutrition tips? Is fitness still one of your passions? While training, I do a lot of squats, lunges, and a ton of leg lifts and crunches for abs. I eat really clean, which means no sodium and no sugar. No whites! If I could stay in one place long enough, I would compete professionally again.

Have Faith Swimgerie designer Jennifer Stano

Q: What advice do you have for looking hot in a bikini? Oil for sure. I use a spritzer bottle to mist myself when it gets really hot. A simple pair of gold hoops always make a great style statement as well.

Q: What are your beauty must-haves? An eyelash curler, my Mac gel eyeliner and my Smashbox liner brush, and a good bronzer – I like Smashbox and Bobbi Brown.

Q: Your husband is a very successful businessman – what was his best piece of advice for starting your own business? And what’s the best and worst part about being an entrepreneur? His advice is ‘always do what you love doing and you will succeed.’ This was my passion. I’m designing things that I love and would actually wear. In regards to entrepreneurship, it’s a lot more blood, sweat and tears than I thought it would be… but the feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? I love to go to the beach when it’s warm and enjoy the scenery. Shopping is always an addiction I can’t fight. My weekends are meant for relaxation time and taking a breather from the work week. I enjoy working out and always make time every day to put in a couple hours for a work out.

Q: Will the Have Faith Swimgerie line be expanding? Are you working on any other upcoming projects? Yes! The Have Faith Swimgerie line will definitely be expanding. We have plans for a men’s line and an active wear line. We have just launched our bridal package for the new women’s collection. It includes a veil, a ‘booty veil’ that attaches to any bikini, and a garter belt.

Editor’s Review: Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush

Editor’s Review: Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush

As a fair-skinned blonde living in L.A, I’m always on the hunt for an amazing self-tanner that lets me wake up with that oh-so satisfying bronzed glow. I haven’t the patience to lay out regularly to get an all natural color – and I definitely have no interest in frying my skin and dealing with head to toe dark sun spots later on. So I rely on magic in a bottle!

I’d heard great things about the Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush (Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of the brand) so I was excited to try it out for myself.  I always prep my skin the night before applying a fresh layer of self-tanner (I have the ol’ bath-exfoliate-shave-moisturize routine down to a fine art).

So I’ll admit I didn’t follow Rodial’s directions exactly when it came to application.. and I learnt the hard way lol They recommend using it in your shower cubicle but of course I just plopped a towel on the floor and sprayed away – then realized the fine mist travels everywhere. Second tip – try to hold your breath! Because it’s very similar to an actual spray tan, you’re continually applying the aerosol so just be careful you’re not inadvertently inhaling along the way (cough cough..)

Shake the can and then hold it 30 cm away from your skin and spray slowly, evenly and continuously. You don’t need to rub it in and it goes on like a dream – even coverage, no spotting, and so easy to get every body part. I never apply self-tanner to my face as I am acne-prone & use benzoyl peroxide/retinol nightly, which just strips it off anyway. But you could easily spray on a makeup sponge to apply, taking extra care around your eyebrows and hairline. Allow it to dry before dressing.

I do believe the trick to really gorgeous convincing color is to have some kind of base tan as it tends to give self-tanner a more natural undertone (and means it will fade more evenly). But base tan or not, the Rodial tanner gave a really nice brown (no orange-y hue!) color to my skin. It is one of the pricier products on the market but you do feel the quality when applying the spray and with the end result. You get about 4-5 full body applications in a bottle so it could be a good beauty splurge if you have a beach vacation or a night out coming up you need to look extra glam for

Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush; $45.00, SpaceNK

The Secrets to Extending The Sexy Youthful Appearance of Your Neck and Cleavage (side sleepers need to read this!)


Do you give your body the same level of attention as you do your face? Chance are you’re overlooking two of your most important assets. Literally! “The decolletage is first to show signs of aging,” says celebrity skincare specialist Sonya Dakar. To extend the sexy youthful appearance of your neck and cleavage, follow these essential expert tips.

“Wrinkles are caused by a combination of factors,” says dermatologist Dr. Donna Bilu Martin, M.D: “sun exposure, smoking, genetics, and aging, and those on the chest are no exception.” Luckily, though, today there are many options available to prevent and improve the appearance of chest wrinkles.


First and foremost, stay out of the sun. “The single most important thing you can do to protect your skin is use sunscreen and limit sun exposure. A broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays should be applied daily, and more often if swimming or sweating.”  Dr. Martin recommends MD Solar Science Tinted Mineral Gel; ($23.95: MdSolarSciences.com).


Are you a side sleeper? If you’re catching your 40 winks every night in this position, then you likely already have visible fine lines between your breasts, and maybe even premature sagging. “Gravity pulls breast weight together causing unattractive vertical lines on the chest,” says Bernice Cohen RN, BSN, PHN at AVA MD in Beverly Hills. “Sleeping with a comfortable bra or supportive camisole can help.” If you get uncomfortable wearing a bra at night, try a specially designed breast pillow – yes, really!  The Intimia Breast Pillow ($59.95; Intimia.com) and Kush Support ($24.99; KushSupport.com) fit snuggly between the breasts to cushion and prevent sagging. These may be particular helpful for women with natural breasts C-cup and above, and those pregnant or with breast implants.


Once the skin is protected, it’s time to start reversing existing damage.  Apply products that contain active ingredients to plump, smooth and firm skin around the bust and décolletage. Dr. Martin recommends NIA 24 Sun Damage Repair for Décolletage and Hands, which contains antioxidants such as white tea, anti-inflammatory Pro-niacin, and lightening agents such as licorice, mulberry, and bearberry.  Applied nightly, it can help improve the appearance of sun spots and chest wrinkles.

NIP+FAB Bust Fix has been flying off the shelves in the U.K, earning the nickname, ‘boob job in a tube’. It works by stimulating the naturally-occurring fat cells in the breasts, thus adding fullness to the cleavage area. $15.95; Target.com


Vitamin A creams – known as retinoids – are proven to increase cell turnover, repair damaged skin, and help fine lines and wrinkles.  Dr. Martin suggests starting out with a small amount nightly, as they can be irritating at first.  Retinoids can also increase sun sensitivity – just another reason why wearing sunscreen is important.  Also, pregnant or nursing women should not use retinoids. Try SkinMedica Tri-Retinol Complex: $52.25; Dermstore.com.


“If you’ve got sun damage as well as lines and wrinkles,  fractionated non-ablative lasers are a great option,” says Cohen. The Fraxel Dual Re:Store creates fresh, new skin minimizing lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration. “Downtime is a week to 10 days but the results are phenomenal. Skin resurfacing on the décolletage lasts a few years.”


Finally, fillers can be used in the chest to fill lines and areas of volume loss. Cohen likes to use Sculptra or Restylane in the décolletage area as treatment has little to no downtime and both look natural. Fillers injected in this area lasts about 6 months. However, “this is an off-label (non-FDA approved) use of the filler,” advises Dr. Martin.

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Alexis Bellino

великолепная кожа

You have gorgeous skin – what is your typical daily skincare routine like? I tend to my skincare regimen twice a day. I believe in a 5-step skincare system: cleanse, exfoliate with the Clarisonic handheld, tone and moisturize, and of course, eye cream is a must. I feel that it’s equally important to hydrate and get enough sleep daily in order for your skin to look its healthiest. I know my skin shows when I’m not getting at least six hours of sleep each night.

What are some of your absolute favorite products we’d find in your makeup bag? I am a lip gloss girl! I always have a lip gloss on! My other must haves are a bronzer and a good powder! I’m a fan MAC, Chanel and NARS cosmetics.

“I also think the only true way to have a toned body is working out regularly. My exercise routine consists of a combination of spin, barre classes, yoga, and strength-training with light weights”

What are your secrets to keeping your hair looking so glossy and healthy? Do you wear extensions (if so, any advice you’ve learned from stylists on how to wear them best?) I have great natural hair; however, to get the length I want, I wear Great Lengths extensions. I believe that to protect your natural hair, you should wear the best extensions, as well as take really good care of them. I also believe in finding a hair stylist that understands your hair. I have been going to Angelic from Lucabella Salon in Anaheim, Ca for eight years now. She has taught me the importance of using good hair care products, a good shine product, and  a dose of a daily vitamin.  The Number #1 tip I must share — and it took me SO long to learn — is you cannot wash your hair daily. Your hair needs the natural oils to keep it healthy, especially, when you’re styling it as frequently as I am.

What’s your favorite way to stay in shape? Do you have any diet tips you stick to that work for you? I am a firm believer in doing everything in moderation; plus, a good old-fashioned workout! I do not deprive myself of treats, yet I will not splurge every day! I want to enjoy my life, which is something my husband helped me learn, and if I want a creme brulee, I will have it. However, I will be disciplined enough to eat healthy the next meal to balance it out! I also think the only true way to have a toned body is working out regularly.  Maybe, not every day, but a person should be healthy and active throughout the week!  My exercise routine consists of a combination of spin, barre classes, yoga, and strength-training with light weights throughout the week.

How would you describe your personal everyday style? Do you have any favorite pieces or accessories you can wear over and over? My everyday style honestly depends on what I’m doing! For comfort, I’m a sucker for a maxi dress, which you can find at www.everythingalexis.com.  I’m also a girl who loves her skinny jeans with a blazer! I have two pair of ‘go-to’ jeans – that is, my skinny AND flare leg Paige jeans.  My favorite purchase this year is my green silk Burberry trench coat.  I’ve been photographed in it too many times. I’ve worn it so much!

What are your tips for feeling confident and beautiful on the red carpet? Do you have any styling tips?  I truly believe I feel the most confident when I’m getting the right amount of sleep and eating healthy. It’s easy to get lazy with meals, or to stay up too late on a daily basis, but your body needs good nourishment and good rest to survive! My best red carpet tips are a spray tan two days before, glossy lips and a confident smile!

What’s your favorite way to shop – retail, online or personal stylist? Anytime I’m getting glammed up for the red carpet or other press, I have a personal stylist, to help me with selections. However my favorite way to shop is retail therapy. It’s good for the soul! When I’m in a store, I must try on each garment.  When shopping online, it’s too frustrating when that package arrives in the mail and you’re so excited to wear the new dress that day; but it doesn’t fit properly!

What inspired you to start your own line? What is your favorite part of the design process? I have always loved fashion. For many years I had been spending a lot of time and money at my tailor’s shop, altering and enhancing my garments, whether it was adding this, shortening that, moving this etc. Once I became a part of RHOC, I had a platform, and I decided to make my dream of starting a fashion line a reality.

Do you have plans to expand your line in the future? Yes, Alexis by Tal Sheyn is already in boutiques throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, and we have a Showroom in LA.  We are international as well.  Alexis Couture will be in boutiques by this summer 2012!  You can check out my Alexis by Tal Sheyn at http://alexisbytalsheyn.com/

Which star or model do you think has great style? Who would you love to see wearing your own designs! Oh, I can think of a thousand women in Hollywood with great style … from Angelina Jolie to Gywneth Paltrow to Halle Berry to Jennifer Lopez. But as a designer and tastemaker, I want to dress the everyday woman to look and feel her very best. If I can become a household name in the closets of “real housewives” across the country, that would be alright with me!

You got a lot of buzz after fans saw you have your nose corrected on the show – what advice do you have for women who have been thinking seriously about plastic surgery but are a little nervous or fearful about going under the knife? My advice is if you are a confident, mentally sound individual OF AGE, then you should do what makes you happy. If enhancing or changing something about yourself will boost your confidence a little more, then why not? However, I will tell you this: I was very fearful going into my sinus/rhino surgery, and rightly so. Surgery is a serious decision. Recovery isn’t easy, and complications can arise; so it’s important to consider all the pros and cons, and feel confident about the doctor who’s performing the surgery.

Get The Look: Kim Kardashian’s Glamorous Purple Smokey Eyes

Kim Kardashian’s Glamorous Purple Smokey Eyes

Kim’s makeup maestro Mario Dedivanovic created this sexy, purple-hued smokey eye and glowing skin for the curvaceous star. Celebrity makeup artist Victoria Penrose shows you how you too can get the look.

“Kim favours ompletely matte and flawless skin. Prep with a mattifying primer such as Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass. This creates a silky smooth texture and leaves skin matte once absorbed,” says Penrose. “To take away any extra shine use Matte by MAC which will obliterate any shine from excess oil. For foundation, you will need a full coverage product to create a completely even base. Try Illamasqua Skin Base foundation.”

“After the foundation the skin will appear flat so you need to then add highlight and shadow to contour the face. A bronzer such a Casino by NARS applied on the hairline, temples and in the cheek hollow and blended well will look fantastic. Kim is wearing a coral blush which is particularly great for olive skin. Peachykeen Powder Blush by MAC has a light gold shimmer when applied to the apples of the cheeks. Now you have created contour, make areas of the face pop by using a highlighter on the cupids bow, brow arches, cheekbone and temples. Bronze Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown is a classic.”

“For Kim’s smokey eye, the purple will need a base to fix onto. Urban Decay make Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which will need to go under the purple as a base. Kim actually has quite a light and shimmery violet on her eyes: try Mac frost shadow called Creme De Violet on the lids and then define the socket and wing out the edges with Shock A Holic, also by MAC.

Create the  smokey evening look using a liquid liner, such as Long Wear Gel eyeliner by Bobbi Brown. Use an eyeliner brush on the top lash line and wing it out to create a feline eye. The waterline on the top and bottom rim is lined with a black eye pencil: try Kohl Shape for Eyes by Clinique. Kim takes it right into the inner corner to accentuate the almond shape of her eyes. A little of the lightest shade of The Bobbi Brown shimmer brick can be used as an eyeshadow on the brow bone and a touch in the inner eye. Curl the lashes and use a thick mascara like Plush Lash by MAC. Kim will always use false lashes: I recommend Eyelure but whichever you pick always trim each one with nail scissors as they are usually too long for each eye and can look really unnatural.”

“For Kim’s smokey eye, the purple will need a base to fix onto. Urban Decay make Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which will need to go under the purple as a base. Kim actually has quite a light and shimmery violet on her eyes: try Mac frost shadow called Creme De Violet on the lids and then define the socket and wing out the edges with Shock A Holic, also by MAC. Create the  smokey evening look using a liquid liner, such as Long Wear Gel eyeliner by Bobbi Brown. Use an eyeliner brush on the top lash line and wing it out to create a feline eye. The waterline on the top and bottom rim is lined with a black eye pencil: try Kohl Shape for Eyes by Clinique. Kim takes it right into the inner corner to accentuate the almond shape of her eyes. A little of the lightest shade of The Bobbi Brown shimmer brick can be used as an eyeshadow on the brow bone and a touch in the inner eye. Curl the lashes and use a thick mascara like Plush Lash by MAC. Kim will always use false lashes: I recommend Eyelure but whichever you pick always trim each one with nail scissors as they are usually too long for each eye and can look really unnatural.”

“Brows should be brushed and defined to thicken the shape with Superfine Liner For Brows by Clinique in soft gentle strokes. Fix with a clear mascara by MAC.”

“Lips are lined with a nude pencil like Sugared Fig by Clinique. Fill in the colour with MAC lipstick in Myth. A coral gloss to emulate the cheeks can be done with Giza by NARS.”

“Fix the whole face for the day – or night – with a mist of Fix+ by MAC.”

Ashley Tisdale’s trainer spills her bikini body diet & workout routine

Ashley Tisdale

YOU WORK WITH CELEBRITY CLIENTS WHO OFTEN NEED TO GET IN SHAPE, FAST, FOR AN EVENT OR ROLE. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND DOING TO QUICKLY DROP SOME WEIGHT? If you need to drop weight fast, the first thing you need to do is look at what you are eating. People tend to consume extra calories throughout the day and not even know it. That latte from your favorite coffee house has 180 calories and that little ranch dressing you just added to your salad is another 150. Cutting out liquid calories will accelerate your weight loss. Another emphasis should be placed on eating a green and leafy vegetable during every meal, even breakfast. Some examples include: broccoli, collard greens, kale, and spinach. These veggies are low in calories, low in fat, and high in dietary fiber which make them ideal for weight loss. They are also loaded with vitamins and minerals to maximize the efficiency of your metabolism.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES YOU SEE GIRLS MAKING DURING THEIR WORKOUTS? The most common mistake I see girls make is that they don’t lift weights! It’s the same women on the cardio equipment, day in and day out, whose body does not change. Don’t be afraid to get out there and use a little extra resistance. Women have this notion that weights will make them bulky, but that is totally a myth. You can use weights to tone and tighten, streamlining and sculpting your body the way you want. By adding 2 lbs of muscle, your body can burn up to 100 extra calories a day! That’s 700 calories a week! That’s over 36,000 calories a year!  Keep the weight low and do more repetitions to tone up.

HOW DO I SLIM DOWN WITHOUT GETTING TOO MUCH MUSCLE DEFINITION? Find a good balance between cardio training and weight training. If you go to the gym 4 days per week, spend 2 days weight training and 2 days doing only cardio. The weight training will make your muscles strong while the cardio will prevent any unwanted weight gain.

TAKE US THROUGH A TYPICAL WORKOUT YOU DO WITH ONE OF YOUR FEMALE CELEBRITY CLIENTS? I want to burn as many calories as possible during our sessions and work on those troubling areas for girls (thighs, butt, arms, & abs).  The key is to get as much of the body moving as possible during every exercise. Take an exercise like a squat. You incorporate all of the large muscles in the lower body (quads, hamstrings, and glutes), but adding an overhead shoulder press after you complete each squat will bring the upper body into play. Now you have hit all of those problem areas and burned more calories to sculpt your body quicker. Isolation exercises, or exercises for one muscle group should be done toward the end of your workout.

WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR GETTING A FLATTER, TIGHTER STOMACH? You cannot reduce fat around just one part of your body. Get every muscle moving. The more calories you burn the slimmer in the waist you will get. To strengthen up the entire core, exercises like planks and side planks will effectively work those abs, but also the lower back and those saddle bag areas.

WHAT IS THE BEST FAT-BURNING CARDIO A GIRL CAN DO? Definitely interval training cardio! This will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Interval training involves alternating between higher and lower intensities of exercise to raise your heart rate and provide enough rest to push a little further.

WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND DOING FOR LEANER, SLIMMER LEGS? Multi directional lunges are the key: Lunge forward, out on diagonals, sideways, and backward to effectively work the entire upper thigh.  You do not need to hold any weights while doing these exercises.  Gravity will provide all of the resistance you need.

How Pilates & sushi get model Hope Dworaczyk photo shoot ready


This savvy fashionista was a runway model & television host before bursting on the international scene as a Playboy cover girl. The striking Texan beauty just finished a stint on Celebrity Apprentice and is now making a name for herself behind the camera, writing and producing the makeover show, ‘Hope & A Smile’.

Q: What are your must-have beauty products? Illamasqua Lipstick in Obey, Osis “Dust It” for giving major volume at roots and YSL “Touche Eclat” to minimize dark circles and highlight my cheekbones and brow bones.

Q: What are your top hair care tips? Because I have naturally curly hair, my stylist tells me to let it air dry and avoid heat when I’m not working. I don’t color my hair so my damage comes from heat.

Q: How did you make the transition from modeling to hosting? Were you nervous about being on-camera, or did it feel natural to you? When I started hosting Inside Fashion I was still walking runways and would pull double duty by also interviewing the designers. I loved being on camera but learning to be good at it took time. I was very nervous when I started. I didn’t want to forget to ask someone like Diane Von Furstenberg an important question.

Q: How did becoming a Playmate in 2009 come about? Were you approached, or did you attend a casting? Holly Madison asked if I’d like to fly to L.A. and do a test shoot for Playboy. I flew out and then found out I was going to be on the cover with Seth Rogen.

Q: With all the editing that goes on for reality TV, were you apprehensive about being on Celebrity Apprentice? Were you happy with how you were portrayed? I’m not sure about other shows but we were all ourselves. I was the youngest one and I think I handled it with brains and class.

Q: You’ve said that you never wanted a ‘9-5’ job. Is your career as glamorous as it seems or is it a lot more work than you thought? I would never complain because I wake up every day and feel lucky that this is the life I get to live but it’s definitely not always easy. The traveling and being away from your family and loved ones is a huge sacrifice for me.

Q: After Playboy and other revealing shoots, you must be very comfortable in your own skin – or do you still get insecure sometimes when stripping off? I am comfortable in my own skin but actually very shy about my body. On a day to day basis, I tend to cover up and not want to be looked at. I always throw on a blazer and I hardly ever show cleavage if I’m not working or headed to an event.

Q: What beauty prep do you do before a shoot that other women could apply before hitting the pool in a bikini? You always look better tanned. Since the sun is so bad for skin I LOVE L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Spray. It’s easy, you can do it yourself, and it never looks orange. Also, invest in Laser Hair Removal, especially for the bikini area.

Q: What makes you feel glamorous? Really big hair à la Sophia Loren and a smoky eye.

Q: In the lead up to a big photo shoot, what is your workout and diet regime like? I eat very clean most of the time – low carb & lots of sushi and greens. If I really need to lose fast before I shoot I’ll eat as much sweet potato as I want but nothing else for the days leading up to the shoot. I’ve worked out for ten years now and when I started doing SPX Pilates I saw my first real results. It was amazing.