How Pilates & sushi get model Hope Dworaczyk photo shoot ready


This savvy fashionista was a runway model & television host before bursting on the international scene as a Playboy cover girl. The striking Texan beauty just finished a stint on Celebrity Apprentice and is now making a name for herself behind the camera, writing and producing the makeover show, ‘Hope & A Smile’.

Q: What are your must-have beauty products? Illamasqua Lipstick in Obey, Osis “Dust It” for giving major volume at roots and YSL “Touche Eclat” to minimize dark circles and highlight my cheekbones and brow bones.

Q: What are your top hair care tips? Because I have naturally curly hair, my stylist tells me to let it air dry and avoid heat when I’m not working. I don’t color my hair so my damage comes from heat.

Q: How did you make the transition from modeling to hosting? Were you nervous about being on-camera, or did it feel natural to you? When I started hosting Inside Fashion I was still walking runways and would pull double duty by also interviewing the designers. I loved being on camera but learning to be good at it took time. I was very nervous when I started. I didn’t want to forget to ask someone like Diane Von Furstenberg an important question.

Q: How did becoming a Playmate in 2009 come about? Were you approached, or did you attend a casting? Holly Madison asked if I’d like to fly to L.A. and do a test shoot for Playboy. I flew out and then found out I was going to be on the cover with Seth Rogen.

Q: With all the editing that goes on for reality TV, were you apprehensive about being on Celebrity Apprentice? Were you happy with how you were portrayed? I’m not sure about other shows but we were all ourselves. I was the youngest one and I think I handled it with brains and class.

Q: You’ve said that you never wanted a ‘9-5’ job. Is your career as glamorous as it seems or is it a lot more work than you thought? I would never complain because I wake up every day and feel lucky that this is the life I get to live but it’s definitely not always easy. The traveling and being away from your family and loved ones is a huge sacrifice for me.

Q: After Playboy and other revealing shoots, you must be very comfortable in your own skin – or do you still get insecure sometimes when stripping off? I am comfortable in my own skin but actually very shy about my body. On a day to day basis, I tend to cover up and not want to be looked at. I always throw on a blazer and I hardly ever show cleavage if I’m not working or headed to an event.

Q: What beauty prep do you do before a shoot that other women could apply before hitting the pool in a bikini? You always look better tanned. Since the sun is so bad for skin I LOVE L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Spray. It’s easy, you can do it yourself, and it never looks orange. Also, invest in Laser Hair Removal, especially for the bikini area.

Q: What makes you feel glamorous? Really big hair à la Sophia Loren and a smoky eye.

Q: In the lead up to a big photo shoot, what is your workout and diet regime like? I eat very clean most of the time – low carb & lots of sushi and greens. If I really need to lose fast before I shoot I’ll eat as much sweet potato as I want but nothing else for the days leading up to the shoot. I’ve worked out for ten years now and when I started doing SPX Pilates I saw my first real results. It was amazing.